Run People Run 2.0 - Privacy Policy and Personal Data Notice

1.0. Description of your personal data

Your personal data processed by Run People Run 2.0 includes:-

  1. Personal data given by you when you register as a participant of Run People Run 2.0;
  2. Information given voluntarily by you in any social media contest, on-ground activities, contests and etc.
  3. Feedback information from multiple sources such as e-mail, phone, social media comments and etc.
  4. Recording of your image during event day for video and photo album purpose.

2.0. Purpose for the processing of your personal data

We will process your data for any one or more of the following purposes.

  1. To verify your identity;
  2. To communicate and deliver the event information;
  3. To process any communication that you send to Run People Run 2.0;
  4. To notify updates of the event, next coming activities, alerts and special privileges;
  5. To conduct marketing activities (eg. survey and research);
  6. To maintain records for accounting purposes;
  7. To verify and carry out financial transactions in relation to payments you make online;
  8. To carry out research on our participants demographics;
  9. For data processing purposes;
  10. To respond to inquiries from you;
  11. Any other purposes relating or incidental to any of the above.

3.0 Disclosure of personal data

    For the purposes above, your personal data may be provided by the Run People Run 2.0 to:-
  1. Any person under a duty of confidentially to the Run People Run 2.0 or to third parties or affiliated to the Run People Run 2.0.
  2. Any insurance company or federation of insurance companies.

4.0 Withdrawal of consent and deletion or anonymisation of personal data

You may communicate the withdrawal of your consent to the continued use or disclosure of your personal data for any of the purposes, or request to delete or anonymisation of your personal data, by contacting our event person in charge.

5.0 Security of your personal data

  1. Restricted access of personal data to individuals who require access;
  2. Maintaining technology products firewall to prevent unauthorised computer access;
  3. Deleting browse history which related to personal data in compliance with standards mandated by applicable law.
  4. Log out and close the browser when we are finished with using a shared computer.

6.0 Retention of personal data

We will retain your personal data for as long as we are either required to by law or as is relevant for the purposes for which it was collected.

We will cease to retain your personal data, or remove the means by which the data can be associated with you, as soon as it is reasonable to assume that such retention no longer serves the purposes for which the personal data was collected, and is no longer necessary for any legal or marketing purpose.

7.0 Accuracy of personal data

You are responsible to ensure that the information provided by you is accurate, complete, not misleading and updated.